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Interdisciplinary multimedia artist and MSc Cognitive Sciences student, with a profound interest in blending art and science within the realm of digital therapeutics. My aim is to create bridges between these two worlds, fostering contemplative practices and responsible playfulness in the everyday, for humans of all ages, through immersive art projects that bring play and curiosity to everyday life, alongside research that accompanies the data. I'm a big believer in the power of collaboration and I hope to be able to make scientific research more interdisciplinary, to solve problems that require a multitude of perspectives and expertise.

I'm a restless learner and have always been fascinated about the mind and how "selves" and "identity" come to be. I believe that an interdisciplinary effort in cognitive science will open doors for mental health we never thought possible.

Research-wise, I'm passionate about the neurobiological mechanisms of perception of Self and their implications for philosophy of mind, AI ethics and metaphysics. I believe altered states of consciousness to be catalysts for our better and more nuanced understanding of these processes.

Ultimately, I am, at the core, a big advocate that no state of consciousness is 'ordinary', and that we are intertwined in our environment, just like any other living system. I hope that this view helps us centre ourselves in society with a more holistic sense of what life means for humans.

Apart from this more scientific path I have taken, I've been producing forms of mixed media since I was 8, and storytelling has always been an important part of my experience - I usually do this non-verbally, and when verbally, through poetry. My body of work is heavily inspired by synaesthesia, ideas of the collective unconscious and metaphysics - I love to paint in flashes of psychedelic light, often stained with texted-graphic ink. This transcends into my illustration, music and other art forms.


From 2017 to 2024 I've also produced different creative projects within the film, advertising, design (branding identity) and social media industries. I have worked with artists, companies and educational institutions to bring their core values to fruition through mixed media content, and continued to develop my own work independently.

If you think we could have research or creative interests in common, please do reach out and let's try to innovate together.



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giving adults more space to play and create in their everyday lives, helping those who cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel feel like they have a second chance at life. keep bees alive. 

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